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Nestled on the first line of the sun-kissed beaches of Calpe, Semsa Beach isn’t just a sea and lounge restaurant; it’s a testament to the marriage of culinary excellence and strategic marketing brilliance. As the architects behind Semsa Beach’s online presence, we undertook a gastronomic odyssey, combining social media mastery, immersive content creation, and innovative tech solutions to create a brand that transcends the traditional restaurant experience.


Semsa Beach desired not just to be a local favorite but a coastal landmark. Our challenge was clear – how to translate the restaurant’s coastal charm, delectable cuisine, and vibrant atmosphere into a digital narrative that would captivate both locals and tourists alike.


We dived into a multifaceted strategy that embraced every aspect of modern restaurant marketing. From Instagram and Facebook campaigns that painted a vivid picture of Semsa Beach’s allure to drone productions that showcased the breathtaking coastal setting, our mission was to craft a digital journey as unforgettable as the restaurant itself.


Visual Feast

Content Creation

Professional photography, videography, and drone productions transformed Semsa Beach’s online presence into a visual feast. Every post, story, and video became an invitation to experience the restaurant’s ambiance, cuisine, and breathtaking views.


QR Stands

QR code stands on every table invited patrons to share their experiences seamlessly. By scanning and leaving reviews, diners became ambassadors, contributing to Semsa Beach’s stellar reputation.

Digital Reservations

Website Development

The engaging website we created not only showcased the menu and ambiance but also facilitated online reservations. Convenience for diners, increased bookings for Semsa Beach.






Semsa Beach is more than a restaurant; it’s a coastal phenomenon. The synergy of our comprehensive marketing strategy and Semsa Beach’s dedication has elevated it to an iconic status in Calpe. The restaurant boasts increased footfall, positive reviews, and a vibrant online community.

Why It Matters

The success of Semsa Beach is a blueprint for any restaurant aspiring to make waves in the industry. From leveraging social media as a storytelling platform to incorporating tech solutions for customer engagement, Semsa Beach showcases how a holistic approach to marketing can turn a dining experience into a coastal adventure.


Semsa Beach’s journey is a testament to the power of strategic marketing in the restaurant industry. From the sizzle of their dishes to the drone-captured splendor of their location, every element has been carefully curated to create an experience that transcends the dining table. Ready to make your restaurant a sensation? Contact us today, and let’s create a success story together.

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